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In October 2014 the Provincial Municipal Fiscal Review report was released.

If recommendation 13 &14 is adopted by the Province it would mean the end of the Village of Port Williams.

How would this affect you?

Here are a number of services provided by the Village:

Port Williams owns and operates wells, the water tank and distribution lines. Sewer collection and treatment services are Village provided. Maintenance of streetlights in some subdivisions and some highway intersections as well as the construction, maintenance and snow clearing of the sidewalks are Village responsibilities. The Village is also responsible for building, repairing and maintaining our Community Center which houses the Village Office, Library and Lions Club and acts as an emergency comfort center complete with generators when needed. The Port Williams Fire Department is owned and operated by the Village. Our Public Works department services the ball field, two soccer fields, tennis court, volleyball court, throw pitch, outdoor skating rink , Village Park with playground as well as other Village green space and the WINS Planter’s Monument. The Village has built and maintains Veteran’s Memorial Park and the viewing/information area with parking by the bridge. The four Port Williams signs located at the various entrances to the Village were funded and are cared for by the Village. Other services include a Dog Waste Removal Program , the Safe Cross Walk Flag Program and a Community Events Sign . Everyone in our community benefits from our Village-funded, very active Recreation Committee and their programs.

If Recommendation 14 is passed into law then all these services will cease to be administered by the Village of Port Williams. This most certainly would lead to a decrease in the level of service we currently enjoy. Please add your voice to those that are telling the Provincial government that we value what we have built in our Villages.

What can you do?

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Princess Port Williams 2014

titlePlease join us in congratulating Aimee Cormier, Princess Port Williams 2014

Accompanied by her child attendant, Brooke Alcoe, Princess Aimee will be representing the Village at the Apple Blossom Festival and throughout the year.title

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Port Williams Women's Institute
2014 Port Williams Representative
Volunteer Award Recipients

altCongratulations to the Port Williams Women's Institute nominated by the Port Williams Recreation Committee, the Port Williams and District Lions Club and the Port Williams Health Auxiliary.

The Port Williams Women's Institute attended the 40th Annual Provincial Volunteer Awards Ceremony and Luncheon at the Westin Hotel in Halifax on Monday, April 7, 2014. In addition, they were presented with the H.B. Legge Volunteer of the Year Award at the Village’s Annual Meeting in June.

Nominations for the Volunteer of the Year award are for an individual or group who is recognized for their many years of service to the community.

We would like to express our appreciation to those other volunteers who were nominated and who will be formally recognized at the Village’s Annual General Meeting in June:

  • Sylvia Jacquard, nominated by the Port Williams Community Centre Board of Trustees
  • Karen Williams, nominated by the Port Williams Home and School
  • Stuart Griffin, nominated by the Port Williams Volunteer Fire Department

Thank you to all for your time and talents in making our community a better place.